FedArb's Panel of Retired Federal Judges Serving as Arbitrators and Mediators

Judge William G. Bassler (Retired) Judge John S. Martin (Retired)
Judge John W. Bissell (Retired) Judge Paul R. Matia (Retired)
Judge Robert Bonner (Former) Judge A. Howard Matz (Retired)
Judge Thomas R. Brett (Retired) Judge Frank H. McFadden (Former)
Judge Frank W. Bullock, Jr. (Retired) Judge Richard B. McQuade, Jr. (Former)
Judge Edward N. Cahn (Retired) Judge Joseph W. Morris (Former)
Judge Paul G. Cassell (Former) Judge Alan H. Nevas (Retired)
Judge Dennis M. Cavanaugh (Retired) Judge Robert O'Conor, Jr. (Former)
Judge Kenneth Conboy (Former) Judge Stephen M. Orlofsky (Former)
Judge Melanie L. Cyganowski (Former) Judge Layn R. Phillips (Former)
Judge Frank C. Damrell, JR. (Retired) Judge George C. Pratt (Retired)
Judge James F. Davis (Former) Judge John A. Reed, Jr. (Former)
Judge David Folsom (Retired) Judge Charles B. Renfrew (Former)
Judge W. Royal Furgeson, Jr. (Retired) Judge H. Lee Sarokin (Retired)
Judge Arthur J. Gajarsa (Retired) Judge Thomas E. Scott (Former)
Judge John J. Gibbons (Retired) Judge John V. Singleton (Retired)
Judge Joseph W. Hatchett (Retired) Judge Abraham D. Sofaer (Former)
Judge Barbara S. Jones (Retired) Judge Ralph G. Thompson (Retired)
Judge Bruce W. Kauffman (Retired) Judge Ernest C. Torres (Retired)
Judge Stephen G. Larson (Retired) Judge Vaughn R. Walker (Retired)
Judge Jonathan Lebedoff (Retired) Judge Oliver W. Wanger (Retired)
Judge George N. Leighton (Retired) Judge T. John Ward (Retired)
Judge Stephen N. Limbaugh, Sr. (Former) Judge William H. Webster (Retired)
Judge F.A. Little, Jr. (Retired) Judge Donald E. Ziegler (Retired)
Judge Raymond T. Lyons (Retired)  


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