FedArb's Panel of Former/Retired Federal and State Judges Serving as Arbitrators and Mediators

Judge William G. Bassler (Retired) Judge John S. Martin (Retired)
Judge Robert Bonner (Former) Judge Paul R. Matia (Retired)
Judge Thomas R. Brett (Retired) Judge A. Howard Matz (Retired)
Judge Frank W. Bullock, Jr. (Retired) Judge Frank H. McFadden (Former)
Judge Edward N. Cahn (Retired) Judge Richard B. McQuade, Jr. (Former)
Judge Paul G. Cassell (Former) Judge James M. Moody (Retired)
Judge Dennis M. Cavanaugh (Retired) Judge Joseph W. Morris (Former)
Judge Kenneth Conboy (Former) Judge Alan H. Nevas (Retired)
Judge Melanie L. Cyganowski (Former) Judge Robert O'Conor, Jr. (Former)
Judge Frank C. Damrell, JR. (Retired) Judge Stephen M. Orlofsky (Former)
Judge James F. Davis (Former) Judge Joel A. Pisano (Retired)
Judge David Folsom (Retired) Judge George C. Pratt (Retired)
Judge W. Royal Furgeson, Jr. (Retired) Judge John A. Reed, Jr. (Former)
Judge Arthur J. Gajarsa (Retired) Judge Charles B. Renfrew (Former)
Judge Joseph W. Hatchett (Retired) Judge H. Lee Sarokin (Retired)
Judge Faith S. Hochberg (Retired) Judge Thomas E. Scott (Former)
Judge Barbara S. Jones (Retired) Judge John V. Singleton (Retired)
Judge Bruce W. Kauffman (Retired) Judge Abraham D. Sofaer (Former)
Judge Joe Kendall (Former) Judge Ralph G. Thompson (Retired)
Judge Stephen G. Larson (Retired) Judge Ernest C. Torres (Retired)
Judge Jonathan Lebedoff (Retired) Judge Vaughn R. Walker (Retired)
Judge Alfred J. Lechner, Jr. (Retired) Judge Oliver W. Wanger (Retired)
Judge George N. Leighton (Retired) Judge T. John Ward (Retired)
Judge Stephen N. Limbaugh, Sr. (Former) Judge William H. Webster (Retired)
Judge F.A. Little, Jr. (Retired) Judge Donald E. Ziegler (Retired)
Judge Raymond T. Lyons (Retired)  

FedArb is recruiting outstanding former State court judges capable of handling major commercial litigation under the Federal Rules or under the procedural rules of the states where they have served. Our list is being compiled with the guidance of highly regarded former judges, including former Chief Justice of Delaware Norman Veasey and California Appellate Justice Nickolas Dibiaso. We expect this service to add significantly to our capacity to deliver high quality justice efficiently and effectively.



Justice Nickolas J. Dibiaso (Retired)  
Justice E. Norman Veasey (Retired)  


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