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Private sector dispute resolution with the best retired federal judges and expert litigators is now available through Federal Arbitration, Inc. FedArb is accepting commercial arbitration cases where high-level judicial expertise, time-conscious case management, rules based on federal procedure, and an optional appeal are integrated into a system that provides a just result without risking undue litigation delays and cost overruns.

One FedArb innovation that has attracted attention is a Fixed Price option, where the parties agree on the extent of discovery, the number of pre-hearing motions and the length of the hearing. FedArb will cap the price for the case and guarantee a date of completion.

The FedArb Council, composed of former federal judges William H. Webster, John S. Martin, Charles B. Renfrew, George C. Pratt, and Ralph G. Thompson provides governance in the most difficult questions of procedure and case management. The Council gives parties a forum for definitive resolution of issues that might otherwise jeopardize the progress of a case.

Mediation is also a prime focus of FedArb. We can recommend expert mediators with experience in various commercial areas.

Technology can save money and improve efficiency. FedArb's system is designed to keep cases on track with a high level of security for parties' documents.

A list of FedArb arbitrators with links to their websites or credentials is on the FedArb website.

"FedArb hits the spot. They provide the A+ team of arbitrators and, as an organization, have a unique insight into the litigation and ADR process. They were invaluable in helping us design the right process for the expeditious adjudication of a complicated cross-border dispute. This is the gold standard for the most serious matters. I recommend them whenever I can."

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