Why FedArb?

For over a decade, FedArb’s group of 50+ former federal judges and distinguished Neutrals have successfully mediated and arbitrated complex civil cases typically achieving results more efficiently and cost effectively than through litigation.  We provide around the clock administrative services, and we require our Neutrals to honor the parties deadlines, thereby saving time and money.

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A Message From the Founder


I have worked with numerous alternative dispute organizations such as AAA, ICC, ICDR, LCIA, and was the chairman of CPR for fifteen years. FedArb is at the forefront of organizations that provide administered dispute resolutions. The selection and composition of the panel is always performed in the most expeditious manner. Communications with FedArb is readily available and decisions are made on a most timely basis. The panel members of FedArb are among the ablest of the mediators and arbitrators with whom I have dealt.

I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a well-organized, efficient, timely administration of dispute resolution matters.

Hon. Charles B. Renfrew(United States District Judge Northern District of California from 1972 to 1980)