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Mass Arbitration

FedArb’s Mass Arbitration Rules combined with its integrated case management software and national panel of 120 arbitrators provide litigants with efficient, quick and uniform resolution of mass arbitrations. In cases involving statutory damages, the mass arbitration process can be completed in approximately a year.

FedArb’s MDL Framework is flexible and designed to minimize front-end filing fees (which have been reduced to $100 per claimant) and to provide companies an opportunity before they pay any filing fees to bring an optional motion for: failure of claimants to meet their contractual pre-filing obligations (e.g., engage in informal resolution), or failure to state a prima facia claim.  Early disposition of these issues enables correct determination of arbitration filing fees and better allows the parties to engage in meaningful settlement discussions.

With respect to valid claims and claimants, FedArb promotes efficiency, uniformity and quick resolution by staying all arbitrations until an MDL type panel (“ADR- MDL™”) rules on all legal, discovery and damages issues common to all claimants.   After the MDL Panel’s decision, any individual issues are decided by claimants submitting a claims form or (where necessary) by individual arbitrations using FedArb’s panelists and FedArb’s expedited arbitration procedures.

To enable such an efficient framework, companies must first contact FedArb to integrate their claims form into FedArb’s case management system, sign a mass arbitration agreement, and pay an annual administration, implementation and technology maintenance fee.

Ad Hoc.  The parties can also agree to use FedArb to administer a mass arbitration using AAA, JAMS, CPR, ADR Services or any other rules specified in the governing arbitration agreement.  FedArb’s nominal filing fees are attractive and avoid the massive filing fees charged by many arbitral institutions.

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