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Internal Investigations / White Collar

The Biggest Names. Among FedArb’s team who have conducted private and public sector investigations are a who’s who of practitioners with experience as U.S. Attorneys, former federal judges, numerous former federal prosecutors with extensive criminal trial experience, as well as former senior Justice Department, and State Department officials and the Director of the FBI.

Cooperation. Investigations frequently require not only factual development and legal analysis, but also ongoing advice on a range of compliance issues. They also involve multiple regulators, enforcement authorities, and private litigants. Our panelists work alongside law firms, accountants and other professionals to oversee the collection, analysis and reporting on the evidence related to alleged improprieties by companies, its officers or directors. They apply their expertise and experience to ensure a thorough review while honoring the scope of the engagement’s mandate. Our panelists serve as a resource for the law firm and the client and have the credibility to help guide the investigation to meet the needs of all constituents.

Valuable Imprimatur. With FedArb’s panelist serving as an objective observer of the process, they also lend their imprimatur to the work product and conclusions of the law firm. This way, FedArb (1) insulates the law firm from allegations that they are captive to their corporate client and also (2) provides the company with institutional prestige that can be valuable in the court of public opinion.

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