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To submit an arbitration to FedArb Rule 3.01 defines the requirements (below). FedArb forms for Demand for Arbitration and Answer to Demand for Arbitration are below.

To submit an inquiry about mediation, mock trial, expert, special master, monitoring or investigations complete the Contact Us information.

Rule 3.01 – Submitting a Claim

A party or parties may initiate an arbitration by submitting to FedArb a Notice of Arbitration which shall include the following:
(a) the full names, descriptions, and addresses of the parties and their representatives, including telephone numbers and email addresses;
(b) a brief description of the facts giving rise to the dispute;
(c) the relief sought;
(d) a request that the dispute be administered by FedArb;
(e) identification of the agreement pursuant to which arbitration is demanded, with a copy of the relevant portions of such agreement attached to each copy of the Notice of Arbitration;
(f) a statement of Claimant’s position as to the place of arbitration and the applicable law and the reasons therefore;
(g) a request for either a single arbitrator or a panel of three arbitrators;
(h) the fee for initiating the arbitration specified in the FedArb fee schedule in effect at the time of the filing; and
(i) such other relevant information as the party or parties giving notice deem necessary.
Materials should be submitted by email to The filing party or parties should call FedArb at 650-328-9500 to confirm receipt of materials.

Demand for Arbitration

Answer to Demand for Arbitration

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