Why FedArb for Arbitration?

FedArb’s arbitration service was designed to mirror the federal court system. Our arbitrators are experienced former judges, familiar and efficient with FRCP-based procedures and provide arbitration services that combine the benefits of arbitration (judge selection, choice of law, confidentiality, cost-efficiency, customization, enforceability) while maintaining the benefits of litigating in the federal courts of the United States (experienced judges, familiar rules and optional appeal).

Parties requiring efficient and timely disposition of major and complex litigation will find FedArb an effective vehicle. Our case managers track every case to assure that deadlines are met. High ethical standards of conduct are required of all Participating Arbitrators, and are enforced through contracts.

Alternatives Include:

  • Single arbitrator
  • Three-judge tribunal
  • Fixed price arbitration
  • Single arbitrator with appeal

FedArb’s Arbitration Service:

  • Fifty former federal judges who are experts on various areas of the law.
  • FedArb’s Rules are based on the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (“FRCP”), the Federal Rules of Evidence (“FRE”), and the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure (“FRAP”) and, therefore, are already familiar to most litigators. The Rules are subject to modification by agreement of the parties.
  • Case management 7 days a week with extended hours.
  • Our service includes scheduling hearings and conference calls, tracking documents, arranging for a court reporter, and tracking orders.
  • Discuss with us using our Pacific Arbitration Center for Pacific Rim arbitrations.

FedArb Advantages:

  • Decision making based on law by former judges and independent experienced practitioners.
  • Standby Mediator in the event early settlement is an option.
  • Administrative services that contractually mandate timely disposition of motions and issuance of Awards. (Link to: Administrator testimonial and Judge Testimonial)
  • Case managers available to assist all parties 7 days a week with extended hours.
  • We offer an optional appeal, by contractual agreement of the parties.