FedArb’s former judges and other mediators are trusted experts with an excellent success rate in achieving mediation settlementsWe offer standard mediation services and will also customize a mediation to suit the parties.

  • Mediation with a former federal judge, experienced practitioner or legal expert
  • Custom management to track complex and multi-party mediations (including Special Master mediations)
  • Stand-by Mediators in arbitrations where early settlement may be an option
  • Binding Mediation for parties who want a former federal judge or other mediator to issue a decision if the parties fail to reach a consensual settlement by a specific date

FedArb’s Mediation Services include:

  • A roster of mediators with some of the best former federal judges in the United States and other experienced practitioners
  • Assistance in selecting an appropriate and effective neutral mediator with relevant deep industry knowledge or subject matter expertise who is a strong facilitator focused on finding a consensus
  • Conflict checks and disclosures from the judge or other neutral
  • Pre-mediation conference call with mediator and counsel to identify key issues, document exchanges, and other procedures
  • Logging and tracking documents
  • Administrative support as necessary to ensure smooth and timely scheduling and communication
  • Mediator follow-up, if needed or useful, to achieve settlement

Why FedArb for Mediation?

  • Our former judges and experienced practitioners have the credibility and experience that makes them effective problem solvers.
  • FedArb has mediators with judicial experience in complex business situations and large commercial cases.
  • FedArb case managers are available to assist all parties 7 days a week