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Prompt, Effective & Bespoke Case Management

For almost two decades, our team has deep experience in dealing with almost every type of situation that may arise. We thrive on meeting whatever the demands of the case.

PROMPT — Our case managers respond to client inquiries immediately and seven days a week. We understand that litigation often results in situations that demand immediate action. We thrive on meeting whatever the demands of the case.

EFFECTIVE — We manage the entire process, from arranging conference calls, billing, and tracking all necessary submissions and much more.

BESPOKE – We tailor of our services and select the best panelist to meet your needs.

“I’ve used the other national ADR providers and FedArb consistently offers unparalleled case management. They are efficient, have impeccable attention to detail and beyond all, are responsive. They are the best (as is their panel).”

– Plaintiff’s attorney

“Everything was great, including administration of the mediation by FedArb and Judge Fogel’s skilled handling of the mediation and negotiations.”

– Defense attorney


  • Your case management team includes a hands-on representative available to assist you throughout the entire process, from pre-hearing conference calls to after-hours support.
  • FedArb tracks your case and charts the progress of complicated cases for special masters, arbitrators and mediators.
  • FedArb developed a Case Management system that tracks all aspects of a case and automatically notifies the case manager about upcoming events.
  • FedArb accommodates and provides support for a wide range of platforms, including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and WebEx.
  • FedArb ensures an arbitration award will satisfy all legal prerequisites and is enforceable in courts worldwide.
  • FedArb saves you money by assisting the neutrals and keeping your case on track.
  • Our case managers closely monitor every case to ensure that deadlines are met and that the case is efficiently managed.

Unadministered Arbitration

Parties that choose FedArb as the Arbitral institution in an unadministered arbitration (for example, UNCITRAL or CPR) find they save a significant amount of money and time.  It also allows the lawyers and companies to devote their resources to higher and more productive uses.

Please call with any questions, references or for more information: 650-328-9500.

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