“An important advantage of arbitration”

Judge A. Howard Matz (Retired)

The experience that Judge Howard Matz acquired in over three decades of private practice and on the bench makes him well-qualified to assist parties and their counsel in resolving disputes through arbitration or mediation.

The result of pivotal decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court is that commercial disputes and sometimes claims by consumers are being removed from the courts and resolved by arbitration, without the benefits of jury involvement, judicial involvement, or appellate review.

Since this is such an escalating trend in the overall manner in which our country resolves disputes between litigants, and the courts are no longer the forum to resolve them, if these disputes can be resolved by someone who was a judge, then not only does it promote the administration of justice but because of the reduced number of cases that can consume an enormous amount of time, the demands on sitting judges are slightly alleviated.

I think of that as an important advantage of arbitration.

–Howard Matz