Mediation & arbitration seemed a natural fit

Judge Vaughn R. Walker (Retired)

Judge Vaughn R. Walker was a United States District Court Judge, Northern District of California, from February 1990 through February 2011. The court is headquartered in San Francisco. In April 2011, Judge Walker returned to private practice focusing on arbitration and mediation services.

“Leaving a Federal judicial position is not an easy decision. It’s a very good job with interesting responsibilities, unrivaled job security, and the opportunity to have a hand in sometimes important matters in society or the economy.

After 21 years, however, I decided that I had seen the full range of cases I was going to see as a district judge. I had served as Chief Judge of the Northern District of California for almost the full term of seven years; I had been a member of the civil rules advisory committee, and had had a large number of multi-district cases — cases in which you are assigned responsibility for pre-trial decisions in cases filed around the country involving everything from airplane crashes to anti-trust litigation to national security issues.

But I still wanted to continue to work and thought I had one more opportunity to do something which built upon my experience as a judge and a lawyer. Mediation and arbitration seemed a natural fit. I was always interested in civil litigation, and both are of increasing importance in civil litigation.”

–Vaughn R. Walker