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Press ReleaseFedArb Announces that Lloyd’s Market Association New ADR Provision Requires the Chair to Be a Former Federal Court Judge

January 9, 2019

FedArb, a leading Alternative Dispute Resolution firm based in Palo Alto, announces that Lloyd’s has released a Model Arbitration Clause that Provides for Chairperson to be a Retired Federal Court Judge.

On December 20th, Lloyd’s Market Association (LMA) published its model arbitration clause (LMA 5344) to its North America Casualty Reinsurance Business panel. FedArb worked with the LMA committee and with numerous brokers and insurers in drafting this model clause.

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Press ReleaseFedArb Helps Drive International Arbitration in California

July 27, 2018

FedArb, a nation-wide provider of arbitration, mediation, and other services, notes that on July 18, 2018, Governor Brown signed into law SB 766, which allows non-California attorneys to appear in international arbitrations conducted in the State of California.

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Press ReleaseNinth Circuit Confirms FedArb’s Vaughn Walker’s Settlement in HP Autonomy Securities Derivative Litigation

December 12, 2017

Palo Alto, CA December 12, 2017. The Ninth Circuit issued a memorandum opinion affirming the settlement mediated by former Chief Judge Vaughn Walker of the Northern District of California. Click on this link for the opinion. The settlement arose out of a shareholder derivative action filed in federal court seeking to impose liability on HP’s directors for alleged breaches of the duties owed to shareholders.

The parties–after numerous sessions with former Judge Walker–ultimately agreed to a menu of corporate governance reforms but no monetary settlement. The district court rejected various objections to the settlement and accepted the release clauses after finding that the scope of liability had been “significantly and substantively narrowed.”

“Settling complicated civil litigation is never easy, especially when the stakes are high,” said Ken Hagen, CEO of FedArb. “Fortunately, the litigants in this matter had the expertise of Judge Walker, whose patience and tenacity as well as his mastery of the legal issues at stake, was able to produce a settlement that withstood objections by various of the litigants.”

Press ReleaseFedArb Leads an Arbitration Panel at the 2017 ACC Annual Meeting

November 2, 2017

Federal Arbitration, Inc.’s General Counsel, Marian Scheuer, led a panel titled, “Can Arbitration Clauses Save Money?” at the 2017 Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Annual Meeting in Washington DC, Oct 15-18, 2017. The conference is the industry lodestar for in-house counsel, and is well attended by in-house counsel, law firms and contract service providers in the legal industry. The 2017 annual meeting had over 3500 participants. Click on this link for the checklist prepared for the presentation (session #603).

Ms. Scheuer was joined on the 90 minute program by Elizabeth Atlee, SVP & Deputy General Counsel – Global Litigation, CBRE, Inc., Ed Diggs, Senior Counsel and Manager of Claims – Oil, Gas and Chemical, Bechtel Corporation, and Michael Kortbawi, Partner, BSA Ahmad Bin Hazeem from Dubai.

Ken Hagen, President and CEO of FedArb, noted, “It is a vote of confidence in the quality of FedArb as an arbitration company when a global organization like the ACC invites one of our executives to lead a panel. Marian has helped FedArb develop both an outstanding roster of former federal judges, along with other specialized arbitrators, and an administrative team and case management system that attorneys have praised as highly responsive, effective and fair.”